Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Scenic Area
Sanxianshan Scenic Area
Introduction to Scenic Spots

Introduction to Scenic Spots

Penglai Baxian Sea Scenic Area

Penglai Baxian Sea Crossing Scenic Area is a national AAAAA-level tourist attraction. In myth and legend, Baxian Sea Crossing Area is like a treasure gourd lying on the sea. It consists of Baxianfang, Baxianqiao, Wangying Tower, Baxian Temple, Huixian Pavilion, Baixiantai and other nearly 40 scenic spots. It also has coastal platform, viewing gallery, Qishilin and Seal Island. Watch and yacht tour. Baxian Cross-sea Scenic Area has marine gardens, marvelous stone forests, sea corridors and sea pavilions. Jade ware, porcelain, lacquer carving, wood carving and stone carving with the theme of Baxian are everywhere, which can be called a huge treasure house. The scenic spot highlights the creativity of Dahai Xianshan, integrates classical architecture and art gardens, integrates natural landscape and humanistic landscape. The surrounding sea area is high in sky and broad in water, with spectacular scenery and pleasant air. Haishi and Haizi often appear at the turn of spring and summer. For thousands of years, the legend of the Eight Immortals crossing the sea, the mirage of the sea city, the beautiful scenery of the blue sea and sky, and the mysterious stories left by Qin Huang and Han Wu's visit to immortals for medicine have made this place an ideal place to worship immortals, pray for blessings and visit sightseeing. Penglai thus enjoys the reputation of "fairyland on earth, a paradise for leisure".

Taking Taoist culture and Penglai mythology as the background and legend as the theme, Baxian Scenic Spot explores Baxian culture, propagates the cultural image of Baxian, carries forward the cultural spirit of Baxian, condenses the unique charming cultural image of Baxian, and vigorously advocates "each shows its ability and works together" - competition does not forget harmony, harmony does not exist. Abolish the spirit of competition.

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